This week marks the end of a series of conversations with local Sacramento artists.  Milton Bowens, Linda Gelfman, and Raphael Delgado opened their studios, showed us their art, and conversed with SAHC about their formation and life as artists, their philosophy and compromise with youth and education, and their crucial role as active agents of change, history and culture.  

Creative Vera Studios hosted the conversation where SAHC and the aforementioned artists met to discuss their ideas and share mango juice, cheese and crackers.

Our friends from Yunkyard Cat Productions filmed the whole event with creativity and professionalism, and helped to ease the nerves and lighten the mood of the subjects (-some of us had never been before a camera).  

We are very excited about the Conversation Project since it represents the collaboration of artists and young professionals to create the much needed dialogue about art in Sacramento.  

We will post videos as we wait for the final edited version.  

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Originally posted on Sacramento Art History Consortium:

Obviously I did not register early

I had the pleasure of attending the 100th Annual Conference of the College Art Association, the professional association for practitioners of art, art history, and criticism, which also publishes several academic journals including The Art Journal and The Art Bulletin .  As an art history graduate, I was thrilled at the opportunity of engaiging with the professional art community, learning about the most recent art-historical research, and of course, visiting L.A.

Visiting L.A. proved to be quite an eccentricity since I did not have a car and needed public assistance to move from places.  Still, I managed to visit the LACMA, MOCA, the Getty, and see bit of the pre-Oscar drama in Hollywood Blvd.   Many characters appeared before me: wanna-be actors who pet doves and practice kung-fu, horny museum curators who still think a girl is just a girl, and international couch surfers clinging on the American…

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Originally posted on Sacramento Art History Consortium:

“Blows Against the Empire” by artist and writer Ted Purves, discusses how some artists have resisted the normativity of capitalistic art production by relying on a gift-giving practice inspired by “primitive” gift economies (think of anthropologist Marcel Mauss).

In this essay, Purves explains how some artists take the basics of gift economies (the gifts create bonds to strengthen social ties), to push boundaries toward greater social and aesthetic freedom, while creating a heretical practice that confronts capitalism.  The gift stands as an “unavoidable manifestation of reciprocal and unrequited debt”; one that does not necessarily has to be returned to the giver, but compromises the receiver to continue threading the weave by forwarding it to someone else in the same or grander fashion.  Automatically, the gift becomes a tangible gesture; one that fills the voids and creates a space for relationships and communication, whether the receiver wants it or not.

This gift-giving art practice roots from the fact that things…

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Hello world!

I have been trying to figure out how to post for so long, I might be able to do it for the first time today.

My project is going great, I just sent out invitation letters to four people who have agreed to participate in my art experiment/project.  I

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